Warszawa (Warsaw); laminowany map&guide (2w1: przewodnik i mapa)

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Warszawa (Warsaw)
laminowany map&guide (2w1: przewodnik i mapa)

seria: map&guide
data wydania: 2017
data aktualizacji: 2017
format: 9,6 x 22 cm/67 x 44 cm
liczba stron: 2
wersja językowa: angielska
ISBN: 978-83-7546-858-8
EAN: 9788375468588

• The Royal Castle and the Frederic Chopin Museum
• Cosy bars and cafés, laid-back river beaches
• A match in the National Stadium

The entrance on the 30th floor of the Palace of Culture and Science, a visit to the interactive Warsaw Uprising Museum, a walk in the Łazienki Park and relaxing on the Vistula beach? The narrow streets of the Old Town, lush garden on the roof of the university library and Polish specialties in charming pubs of Praga. Thanks to comfort! map & guide “Warsaw” you will not miss any of the Polish capital's attractions. Practically and concisely – something for those who are busy and appreciate the convenience and simplicity:
• maps at scales useful for tourists (1:26 000, 1:13 000 for the center),
• handy format, convenient and durable folding,
• descriptions of 42 most interesting places to visit,
• easy navigation: attractions from the guide numbered and marked on the map,
• useful practical information: days and opening hours of facilities, ticket prices, public transport,
• hints on what to eat and drink and where to go shopping,
• calendarium of events,
• index of streets.


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